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Bargain Crafting

January 25, 2011 by Administrator

Alternative Painting Resources

Learning to paint on a budget? Try these resources.

1. Check out for used painting books and DVD’s.

I find many DVD’s and painting books on EBAY at good prices.

2. Check your local library for painting instruction materials.

Some local library take suggestions for acquisitions. If the selection of painting instructional materials is poor or outdated, ask for more current materials.

3. Check your local used book store or flea market for instruction books and supplies.

Flea markets many times have artists and crafters who are selling their wares. Many time these artists are also selling surplus supplies, materials and resources.

4. Try a building salvage store for painting surfaces.

Old cast off windows or doors make great large painting surfaces.

5. Try a government surplus store for surfaces.

I found cheap cast off cafeteria dishes at the local university surplus store. The dishes made great glass surfaces.

6. Record your favorite painting show for later review.

If you get painting instruction television shows in you area, record the show for reviewing later. You may learn something new each time you watch.

7. Find a painting club or art guild in your area.

You can learn a lot from other painters. Plus, you may make some great new friends. Some guilds or clubs have a lending library for instruction materials.

8. Recycle, reuse and be creative.

Look at everything before you throw it away to see the creative potential.

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