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Three Weeks in Art School – already seeing a difference!

August 6, 2013 by Administrator



Three weeks ago the Online Art School with Justin Bua began.  I stumbled across an announcement of this new school of art last month. Since Justin Bua is one of my favorite artists (have a large one of his framed prints on my living room wall) I had to check this out. There was a reasonable cost but I am on a retirees budget.  I decided to enroll.  I am having a great time learning using this online school.

Bua Art School

There are online video lectures featuring Bua (who is also a university art instructor) to view at your own pace. There are assignments associated with most lectures.  You upload your work in pic and or video form as assigned.

Then the magic happens…..

Justin Bua himself reviews your work and posts a video of his critique.  After getting over the fact that a famous artist has even seen my work, I have learned a lot from the critiques of my work and Bua’s critiques of others work.

The pics above show examples of assignments.  As you can see, these are serious art lessons but I don’t feel out of place or left behind. After, three weeks, I have completed the first grouping of about 16 lessons. There are 5 groupings of lessons  and they will be posting more.  If you are serious about learning art you should check this out.

To learn more see the link above or check out Justin Bua on Facebook.

Photo: Learn How To Draw with Justin BUA | ArtistWorks


  1. Adam says:

    Hey Celestine, this is really great! So happy to hear you’re getting a lot out of BUA’s school! I just published a blog linking back here, so just wanted to say thanks for being a part of all this and writing about your experience! Please keep us posted, we’d love to hear more!

  2. Pablo says:

    Your drawings are impressive for a beginner. Do you have any updated drawings you’d like to post to show your progression! I am an absolute beginner and I’m thinking of signing up. How did you feel about the lessons as you progressed beyond the 3 week mark?

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