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  1. Making Holiday Cards … Video

    October 12, 2014 by Administrator

    New Youtube video – Making Holiday Cards

  2. Love my Gelli Plate!

    June 6, 2014 by Administrator


    After a big craft fail … (trying to make my own mono printing plate ) I bought a Gelli Plate.  Now I am hooked! I have had so much fun using stencils, stamps, sprays, paints and anything else I can find to make art using my Gelli Plate. Here are examples of background papers I have created.

    Check out or look up Monoprinting with a Gelli Plate on YouTube for more information.

  3. Art Journaling

    March 2, 2014 by Administrator

    Art Journal Review Video – Click Here      Art Journal Review

    Art Journal Review


  4. Face Painting is So Much FUN!

    October 22, 2013 by Administrator

    I have been face painting for community events and private parties for about 7 years now and I really enjoy it. I have found that the kids just love becoming various charactors and seeing themselves in a new way.

    Here are some tips I have learned:

    1. Always bring a mirror – but place the mirror so that the kids can only see your work once it is complete.

    2. Bring a sheet or book of your designs.  You can find ideas for designs on the Internet or in books.  Practice them and make them your own.

    3. Give the child a chance to choose their design but if the child cannot choose suggest a design to go with the clothes that they are wearing.

    4. Censor your design choices to include only designs appropriate for the event.  This is most important for church events.

    5. You may need to hold a child’s at the top of the head or the chin to steady them while you paint.  Ask the the child before you do and tell them why.

    6. If you can get a helper to watch over the line of children and assist the children as they choose a design, this will be very helpful.

    7.  Talk to the children about their design choice and customize colors when you can.

    8. Most importantly – have fun!


  5. Fall…. Time for new classes!

    August 28, 2013 by Administrator

  6. Three Weeks in Art School – already seeing a difference!

    August 6, 2013 by Administrator

    Photo: LAST DAY TO GET 30% OFF. SIGN UP NOW!!!


    Three weeks ago the Online Art School with Justin Bua began.  I stumbled across an announcement of this new school of art last month. Since Justin Bua is one of my favorite artists (have a large one of his framed prints on my living room wall) I had to check this out. There was a reasonable cost but I am on a retirees budget.  I decided to enroll.  I am having a great time learning using this online school.

    Bua Art School

    There are online video lectures featuring Bua (who is also a university art instructor) to view at your own pace. There are assignments associated with most lectures.  You upload your work in pic and or video form as assigned.

    Then the magic happens…..

    Justin Bua himself reviews your work and posts a video of his critique.  After getting over the fact that a famous artist has even seen my work, I have learned a lot from the critiques of my work and Bua’s critiques of others work.

    The pics above show examples of assignments.  As you can see, these are serious art lessons but I don’t feel out of place or left behind. After, three weeks, I have completed the first grouping of about 16 lessons. There are 5 groupings of lessons  and they will be posting more.  If you are serious about learning art you should check this out.

    To learn more see the link above or check out Justin Bua on Facebook.

    Photo: Learn How To Draw with Justin BUA | ArtistWorks

  7. New Celestine Paints Classes – Fall 2013

    July 17, 2013 by Administrator

    What’s going on with Celestine Paints?

    Face Painting -

    I will face paint at multiple church picnics and other events during July and August.

    If you want to hire me to face paint at your community or  family event please call or email me.

    Art Classes -

    I am teaching painting again this fall at Lett’s Center and Foster Center (here in Lansing). I am also offering a new class which is Beginning Art and Painting. Please see the proposed class descriptions below.

    In addition I have enrolled in the Bua Art School.  This is an online Art School taught by the famous artist and University Instructor – Justin Bua.  I just started and I can see already I will learn a lot.

    Zentangle -

    I am excited about the new book The Beauty of Zentangle   by Suzanne McNeill CZT and Cindy Shepard CZT is coming out September 2013.

    The Beauty of Zentangle: Inspirational Examples from 137 Gifted Tangle Artists Worldwide [Paperback]

    I have one art piece in this new book.  I haven’t seen the completed book but I have seen artwork by many included artists. This book should be great.

     Greeting Card Sales -

    I will sell my art and original handmade greeting cards at the Allen Street Farmers Market  Wed. July 24th and Wed. August 28th.








    $40 per person plus $10 supply fee due 2nd week of class

    This course will teach the basics of One Stroke decorative painting created by Donna Dewberry. Using acrylic paints and special brushes a complete floral design will be painted together at each session. $10 material fee due week 2 for paints and surfaces used in class. Brushes required: Plaid – One Stroke Painting Starter Package ( No. 1059). Instructor: Celestine Hart, OSCI Level II, CZT. 5 sessions.

    Five weekly sessions

    Letts Community Center

         Tuesdays 5:30PM  11/12  through 12/10

    Foster Community Center

         Wednesdays  5:30PM 10/9 through 11/6







    Beginning Art and PAINTING for Adults (CREATIVE ARTS)











    $40 per student, $10 supply fee due 2nd week of class

    Beginning Art and PAINTING
    Together student in this class will explore various creative art projects including painting, drawing, Zentangle ® and crafts. Each project will be at a beginner level but more advanced students are welcome to join this class also.  A new creative project will be completed at each session. Come join the fun and see how creative you can be!. $10 material fee due week 2 for supplies, paints and surfaces used in class.. Instructor: Celestine Hart, OSCI Level II, CZT. 5 sessions.

    Four weekly sessions

    Foster Community Center

         Wednesdays  5:30PM 11/13 through 12/11 ( no class 11/27)



  8. Celestine Paints…. Today’s Painting Step by Step

    May 31, 2013 by Administrator

  9. What’s Happening with Celestine Paints?

    May 1, 2013 by Administrator

    Hello All,

    My One Stroke Painting classes continue.  I am looking for a location to offer additional painting and Zentangle classes. Let me know if you have suggestions.

    This summer I will take part in the Allen Street Farmers Market, City Market/Grand Art Market and the Lansing Juneteeth Celebration all in Lansing.

    I am also planning a garage sale for Friday, June 14th.  More info to come.

    Check my Facebook page to get up to date information.




  10. So, What is Zentangle?

    October 28, 2012 by Administrator

    Zentangle® is a method and  process of developing art while relaxing your mind.  Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas developed Zentangle.  You can find out more about their story by viewing I met Rick and Maria during the Certified Zentangle Teacher training I attended in September of this year.  Rick and Maria were very knowledgeable, professional and  genuine in their teaching.

    Over the last year, I have found that Zentangle has added to my life greatly.

    1. Zentangle is a simple inexpensive, quick and portable method of creating art.

    2. Zentangle allows me as the artist to relax, relieve stress and take my mind off of the problems of life.

    3. Learning and sharing Zentangle has allowed me to meet many great new people both through social media and in my community.

    4. Using Zentangle techniques combined with other art forms- such as painting, glass engraving, drawing, fabric art, etc, -has greatly enhanced and improved the art I create.

    5.  Zentangle gives me the great feeling of accomplishment and success.

    6.  My need create and to share the gift of Zentangle with others has re-energized my life.

    Yes,  Zentangle is just that great…. Give it a try!


    Zentangle®  is a hot new national creative craze. Wantabe artists are finding this craze fun and relaxing. Tanglers, as Zentangle artists call themselves, use this technique to create one-of-a-kind artistic works.

    The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at

    View slideshow:Zentangle


    Zentangle is a structured way of creating small, normally about 3” x 3”, black and white works of art using a fine line inking pen.  The supplies required are limited and very inexpensive.  Once the Zentangle technique is learned it may be applied to many other artistic or crafting projects including drawing, painting and scrap booking.The most important part of Zentangle is the creative process.  While using repeated simple marks to create very complex designs your mind and body is able to de-stress and relax. The beautiful finished product also does great things for the tanglers confidence and self esteem.  A student doesn’t have to worry if they can’t draw. The Zentangle step by step technique is for everyone, no matter the artistic talent or lack thereof.

    Classes include the Zentangle process, materials and basic “tangles”. Only one class will allow you to enjoy the basics this great hobby.