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  1. Here’s a short list of websites I love….

    May 2, 2011 by Administrator

    Here’s a short list of websites I love.  This list is very random. I promise you I do not get anything for mentioning these sites.

    I have discovered these websites (many by accident) and enjoy them all routinely. I could name a many more and I probably missed some goodies.  Feel free to post your additions to my list.

    Books and DVD’s


    Amazon is an all-round online book source, that is easy to use.  ]

    Alibris – Like Amazon but specializes in used books from many sources.



    Oriental Trading- Large variety of miscellaneous items.  Great for school teachers.

    Jerry’s Artarama Great for fine art supplies and hard to find items

    Amos Advantage – I have found some really great clearance sale prices here.

    Painting and Craft Lessons

    Cool 2 Craft – Just plain cool!

    Visual Arts Network – Free online TV channel that shows paint instruction all day.

    One Stroke Painting – If you want to learn how to paint and you have never painted before One Stroke is a great place to start.

    Everything Crafting

    The Hive – I just love the Hive.



    Post your comments and include your favorite web spots!



  2. WIP Portrait Painting

    April 30, 2011 by Administrator

    I bought the Carder Method for Portraits DVD.  I am only half through listing to the video.  There are a lot of precise steps to follow.  But I am not that good at following directions.

    I am learning a great deal from the video anyway.

    Well here is my work in progress.  This portrait is from a photograph.


  3. Misc. Paintings

    April 16, 2011 by Administrator

    I paint almost everyday.  If I don’t paint I may knit, crochet, tangle or draw. Here are some misc. projects I have done recently.




  4. Looking for Advice – Time is running out!

    March 23, 2011 by Administrator

    I’ve been planning my transition for about a year. My plan is coming together slowly but time is running out.
    I have the opportunity to retire early. Now that retirement time is here my plan is to become a fulltime small business person. I have prepared a business plan and have done many other activities to plan for this transition. I do not have unlimited time to make a go of this.

    I have described many of my business planning activites here in my blog. My goal is to teach One-Stroke painting, face paint, paint murals and organize painting parties for children and adults.

    Now I am looking for advice. How can I jump start my crative business? My question is how do I best jump start this new career? I have done some low cost promotion. I know there are craft designers, arts and craft business owners and others making a living with their creativity. What do you recommend as the next step in my search to earn money doing what I love creating arts and crafts?

    I have a few ideas which include:
    Working part-time at a big box craft store
    Giving free lessons at the local library and/or community center to promote my business
    Give my mural and face painting services at a rate that only covers costs to community organization and churches to promote my business
    Pay for a traditional advertising campaign. (EXPENSIVE!)
    Submit original projects and articles to crafting magazines and websites

    Please respond with your ideas. What worked for you and what didn’t.

  5. I Heart Patternless Sewing

    March 10, 2011 by Administrator

    I just finished reading Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing. I pre-ordered this book months ago because I enjoyed Kathy Cano-Murillo’s first novel Waking Up in the Land of Glitter. I was so excited when Patternless Sewing arrived last week- hot off the presses. But I was even more excited when I finished reading the first 50 pages. I have spent every free moment over the last few days with Scarlet and her students. The book was wonderful. The charactor’s actions and words played in my head as I read like a wonderful feature film! I miss these dressmakers already, so I am sure I will reread the book soon.

    Patternless Sewing is the best “crafty lit.” book I have read.

    Congratulations to Kathy Cano-Murillo. Crafty Chica, please keep writing! I wonder If Amazon will let me preorder your next novel now.

  6. One Stroke Painting Class

    January 18, 2011 by Administrator

    Lansing Parks and Recreation Schedule

    Join the One-Stroke Painting Class that begins on Monday, February 7th 6:30PM at the Lett’s Community Center! Also, don’t forget the Painting Club that meets each Thursday at 6:00PM, Lett’s Community Center.
    Call 517 483-4311 to register.
    Come join the fun!

  7. Michigan Mixer

    by Administrator

    mm MICHIGAN MIXER 2011 PROJECTS[1]mm Invitation Letter to Presidents[1]

    Click on the links above to see the attachements.

    I received this notice from the Heart of Michigan, SDP Chapter.

    Attached is the flyer and class information for the 2011 Michigan Mixer that will be held on March 26 at the Holt United Methodist Church and hosted by HOMDA.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to pull the date up from April to March 26. Consequently, the cutoff date for signing up for a class is March 6. I realize this does not give you much time to decide whether you will attend. We plan to have a some wonderful classes taught by some very talented teachers.

    Please look over the flyer and pass it on to any friends you think would be interested in attending. I’m sure you will have a wonderful time if you choose to attend.

    Any questions, please give me a call or send me a return email.

    Chris Keppel
    2011 MIchigan Mixer Chairperson

  8. Homework Rocks!

    January 16, 2011 by Administrator

    Mommy Message T......

    Mommy Message T......

    Mommy Message T

    I made my 9- year- old daughter a T with a message only a Mother could love!

    This T was made with stenciled letters and Plaid Fabric paints. I made my own stencils by cutting the letters out of heavy card stock using my Cricut. I used gold metalic paint for the letters. I outlined the letters after I stenciled the letters on the t shirt. I added gold glitter demensional paint to the center of each letter. I freehanded the accents.

    The words “my Mom bought me this T” were also from a stencil I made on my Cricut. Let the stencils dry completely between each use. I think she will wear the shirt just to see her classmates reaction.

    My next shirt for my daughter will read “Delicious Broccoli”.

    Celestine Paints

  9. What Happened to Crafting on TV?

    January 14, 2011 by Administrator

    HGTV and DIY used to show crafting shows, where did they go? I was extremely excited when my cable company started showing HGTV and DIY. I watched Carol Duvall, Design on a Dime, From Junky to Funky and any other crafting show. Now I can only find crafting show on the PBS channel Create!. Bring back crativity and crafting to TV. In this age of recycling and economically imposed frugality we need to learn new craft technigues to make best use of raw materials and to recycle items.

  10. Cool To Craft

    by Administrator