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  1. Simple One Stroke Greeting Cards

    July 7, 2011 by Administrator

    Simple One Stroke Greeting Cards

    These simple greeting cards were painted on watercolor paper using Plaid Folk Art paints.

    The background is painted first.  I used a dampened brush to slightly wet the paper.  I added the muted stripes of bright color allowing the colors to bleed.

    The vines, ferns and leaves were painted after the background dried. The foreground plants were painted using black/licorice paint and floating medium together on the brush.

    For more information about One-Stroke painting check out:




  2. I am Busy!

    June 19, 2011 by Administrator

    I have been very busy lately.

    Face painting

    This week I face painted at a local community event. See the newspaper coverage by clicking the face painting link.

    I posted my first article with, an online newspaper. I am the new Lansing, MI, Arts and Crafts Examiner. I have included a link above.

    Next week is the big yard sale (weather permitting). I have worked hard to sort and purge the mountain of crafting supplies I own. I have much more work to complete by Saturday. I will also sell hand painted greeting cards and other artwork.

    For readers in the Lansing Michigan area:

    The Big Sale is Saturday and Sunday June 25 and 26 starting a 9:00 AM.  Send me an email for the address if you are interested.





  3. Zen Greeting Cards

    May 30, 2011 by Administrator

    I used watercolor color greeting cards and Zentangle inspired techniques to create these cards.  This was great fun.  I can create the cards while sitting in front of the TV or visiting with friends and family.

  4. Important info for bargain hunters…..

    May 28, 2011 by Administrator

    If you live in Lower Michigan I have a couple of bargain hunting tips for you!


    The first one is the O’Leary paint store in Lansing, Michigan, 300 East Oakland. All year in the back room of this main store location there is a bargain barn that is open to the public.  The bargain barn carries closeout art, scrap booking and craft supplies at great prices.

    And better yet, O’Leary’s has its annual warehouse sale on June 10, 2011 – 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM at the Oakland Street Store. Last year there was a line at 7:30 AM  waiting out side the store.  I have attended this annual sale every year for at least 5 years.  There are many wonderful bargains but you must come early because there are limited quantities of everything. For more info call O’Leary’s at 517 487-2066.

    For more feel good bargain hunting in Lansing you must check out the Creation Station, 200 Museum Drive. The Creation Station is a non-profit volunteer group which takes donation of items from industry and individuals to be used by crafters, artist, teachers, scouts, churches and any other creative types. “A destination for people with imagination, a community outlet to reduce, reuse and recycle. ”

    Shopping at the Creation Station you are getting great bargains and at the same time keeping good usable items out of the landfill.  I have routinely found many wonderful items at the Creation Station including beads, quilting fabric, yarns, paints and painting surfaces.  Most items are priced $5 or $6 for a grocery bag full.  Sadly the Creation Station is only open on Thursdays and Saturdays.  It is staffed by volunteers so call ahead to double check the hours, 517 371-2451.

    I am looking for an architectural salvage store in Lower Michigan – Let me know if you have found one! I would think that would be a great place to find painting surfaces.

    I would love to hear from you. Please post your favorite bargain hunting locations here.

    Happy bargain hunting!





  5. Didn’t make it to the Art Fair!

    May 21, 2011 by Administrator

    I headed out to the East Lansing Art Fair.  Well we spent all of our time at the Craft Fair at MSU.  It was well worth the trip!



    So much creativity.

    The happening things seem to be…..


    Lawn ornaments

    Glassware ornaments

    Anything Pink

    Capes, shawls and scarves


  6. I heart graffiti!

    by Administrator

    I just love graffiti. These pics are from a legal graffiti wall in our area. It was starting to rain so I had to take pictures from the car.

    The creativity and the colors are always great. I would love to get that feel in my work!

  7. Altered T Shirt

    May 20, 2011 by Administrator

  8. It’s Finished – Portrait Painting

    May 4, 2011 by Administrator


    I have finished my portrait painting project.  I painted this in oils which I seldom use.  I used water soluable oils which are easier to use than traditional oils with less smell.  Now, I have to wait at least a two weeks for this painting  to dry. (That part I hate).

    I will finish the Carder Method for portraits video this weekend and I will try another portrait. Who should I paint next? Painting great  a looking man is really fun! :-)   Any suggestions?????

  9. Here’s a short list of websites I love….

    May 2, 2011 by Administrator

    Here’s a short list of websites I love.  This list is very random. I promise you I do not get anything for mentioning these sites.

    I have discovered these websites (many by accident) and enjoy them all routinely. I could name a many more and I probably missed some goodies.  Feel free to post your additions to my list.

    Books and DVD’s


    Amazon is an all-round online book source, that is easy to use.  ]

    Alibris – Like Amazon but specializes in used books from many sources.



    Oriental Trading- Large variety of miscellaneous items.  Great for school teachers.

    Jerry’s Artarama Great for fine art supplies and hard to find items

    Amos Advantage – I have found some really great clearance sale prices here.

    Painting and Craft Lessons

    Cool 2 Craft – Just plain cool!

    Visual Arts Network – Free online TV channel that shows paint instruction all day.

    One Stroke Painting – If you want to learn how to paint and you have never painted before One Stroke is a great place to start.

    Everything Crafting

    The Hive – I just love the Hive.



    Post your comments and include your favorite web spots!



  10. Bargain Crafting

    January 25, 2011 by Administrator

    Alternative Painting Resources

    Learning to paint on a budget? Try these resources.

    1. Check out for used painting books and DVD’s.

    I find many DVD’s and painting books on EBAY at good prices.

    2. Check your local library for painting instruction materials.

    Some local library take suggestions for acquisitions. If the selection of painting instructional materials is poor or outdated, ask for more current materials.

    3. Check your local used book store or flea market for instruction books and supplies.

    Flea markets many times have artists and crafters who are selling their wares. Many time these artists are also selling surplus supplies, materials and resources.

    4. Try a building salvage store for painting surfaces.

    Old cast off windows or doors make great large painting surfaces.

    5. Try a government surplus store for surfaces.

    I found cheap cast off cafeteria dishes at the local university surplus store. The dishes made great glass surfaces.

    6. Record your favorite painting show for later review.

    If you get painting instruction television shows in you area, record the show for reviewing later. You may learn something new each time you watch.

    7. Find a painting club or art guild in your area.

    You can learn a lot from other painters. Plus, you may make some great new friends. Some guilds or clubs have a lending library for instruction materials.

    8. Recycle, reuse and be creative.

    Look at everything before you throw it away to see the creative potential.